Paul Tappenden – Techniques

Fresco Découvrir

By experimentation with new media and techniques, I have created a style of work in which the image is imbedded within the texture, which is scraped and sanded back to reveal selected areas of the work.
I call this technique fresco découvrir (revealed fresco).

I try to allow the natural flow and texture of the medium to be a vital part of the work, so that it becomes a collaboration between me and the material, and sometimes my partner (the medium) comes up with stuff that I couldn’t begin to create by myself.  
The resulting images are filled with intriguing complexity and subtlety.


Modellier massé

Modellier Massé is a term I use to describes the techniques I have developed in which I build a textured surface from modeling paste, which I then build up with a series of colored glazes or metallic paints, until the surface shimmers with movement and rich color.

By combining various media, with different properties, some uniquely subtle surfaces are possible.  These techniques can be used in both abstract and realistic work.